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About EcoCloud:

The EcoCloud™ Innovation Platform is Sustainable Silicon Valley’s online community created in conjunction with public and private sector partners to accelerate the implementation of sustainable solutions.

It offers enterprises an opportunity to exchange and implement sustainable ideas and solutions at a corporate level. EcoCloud’s mission is to stimulate discussion in different fields of sustainability such as water, materials, energy, transportation, integrated sustainability, climate change and adaptation.

At EcoCloud, we believe that discussion stimulates new ideas, discoveries and innovation that can help define the field of sustainability as well as future of the planet. At the helm of these efforts are the enterprises, which have the resources and talent to shape ideas into new solutions. EcoCloud encourages enterprises to share the various green programs they have undertaken, because systemic change depends on collaboration.


The platform offers five ways to explore sustainability:

Call for Solutions Competition encourages members to propose scalable, game-changing solutions for planetary impact. These are presented at the WEST Summit every year and there is also a Call for Art competition to bring forth artistic interpretations of sustainability.

Sustainability Implementation Roadmap presents a framework/tool for deploying sustainability across any type of enterprise/organization.

Share and Collaborate is the main EcoCloud platform function that enables enterprises to be a part of our community and discuss meaningful ideas through blogs and comments.

Marketplace is an upcoming aspect of EcoCloud, where independent companies and current partners showcase their sustainable products, services and solutions.

Find Solutions comprises discussions of various integrated solutions and services in sustainability.