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The Solutions Project Vision of success in 100 percent renewable energy by 2050

Mark Jacobson is a Stanford professor is building a vision and blueprints of a world economy with 100% renewable energy (Wind, Water, Solar or WWS). He calls it the Solutions Project

Grid of the Future Summit

This summit brought together academia (Cal Berkeley), large companies like Hitachi, small companies like WattzOn, government agencies like CA ISO, the Navy and CPUC  and  NGOs like the Clean Coalition to discuss how the Grid will  evolve over time. This conference was a good one to expose key trends seen, including:

COP 21(UN Climate Conference in Paris, Governor Brown and Under 2 MOU

COP 21 (Cooperation of Parties) (1) is the UN sponsored climate change conference being held in Paris from November 30 through December 11.  The goal of this conference is to pass a worldwide binding climate r framework that prevents climate catastrophe.

A Great View of the Environment

My suggestion is for you to read the magazine at It is not long and there are many interesting programs underway. It is great to be able to provide a positive message about a community in the Bay Area.

The King Tide Time Machine.

The King Tide Time Machine. Peer into the future of Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area.

If We Extend Our Past, We Can Reach A Carbon Free Future

The DOE  did a study on energy trends   that complements work done by Dan Kammen at Berkeley  and Mark Jacobson at Stanford . The DOE study shows renewable energy  progress through 2014. The two professors have published  how we can build a  carbon free economy based on what we know.

Top Five Trends in Renewable Enrgy Policy

The Utility Dive newsletter reported recently on changes in energy policies. How policies evolve will shape the nature of our renewable energy portfolios and how much renewable energy we have.   The basic issue is that as more distributed energy on the grid, the business model of the utility has to evolve.

Water and Energy Can Mix

Another installation at the Inland Energy Utility Agency (IEUA)  in San Bernadino  County  has Solar, Wind, Biogas . They recently added  Storage. Quoting from the article in Utility Drive magazine. (1,2)

The Lea Martinez Grid Alternatives Installation In Pictures

First the truck arrives with all the hardware required for the installation. The components are tested before they are installed. Grid Alternatives has installed hundreds of installations and has a well executed process

Incentivizing California’s Climate Change Equation

California is attempting to engineer its way out of the climate crisis. At the PARC Xerox Center last week, Wade Crowfoot, Deputy Cabinet Secretary and Senior Advisor to Governor Brown, discussed ways to move from “promising green technology to mainstream technology”. Earlier this year, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order Read More