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Another Successful Solar Installation From Grid Alternatives

On October 31, Grid Alternatives finished another solar installation in East Palo Alto. Grid Alternatives is a nonprofit organization providing solar installations for income qualified homeowners at little or no cost. They are able...

Good news about Restored Wetlands in the Don Edwards Wildlife Reserve.

An article in the San Jose Mercury News on October 22nd provided a status report on how the salt ponds are being restored to marshes in the Bay area.(1).  The ‘Good News” in the headline is the bird population has doubled since 2003 when the Don Edwards Wildlife Preservation Area was created.   

California More Worried Than Ever about the Drought

The Field Poll organization reported on the attitude of California drought on October 12 2015. More than 3 of 4 voters stated the state of the drought as extremely serious, up from 60% in April 2014. those who believe it is not serious went from 10% in April 2014 to 5% in 2015.

Utilities, Net Metering and the future of Rooftop Solar

In a move that has already drawn fire from the solar industry and environmental groups, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison filed proposalsn that, would have the broad effect of significantly reducing the economic value of customer-sited solar systems, compared to current net-metering rules.

NASA Recycled Water Makes Great Tasting Beer

Russ Drinker, a trustee for Sustainable Silicon Valley recently wanted to showcase how water can be recycled for potable use.  He has experience as an architect with the extensive water recycling done in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Singapore for example recycles close to 100% of their water.

Silver Spring Networks Named Smart Grid Solutions Company of Year

For the second consecutive year, Silver Spring Networks has been named New Zealand Smart Grid Solutions Company of the Year, by Frost & Sullivan. Silver Spring Networks, a provider of smart grid solutions, is headquartered in Redwood City, California, and has offices in Australia, Singapore, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. New Zealand is Read More

We Need to Fully Restore the Bay Wetlands

There is good news in the start of restoration at the San Pablo Bay Natural Wildlife Refuge and the success of increased bird population at the Don Edwards reserve. However, there is much more that needs to be done.  The Baylands,,,,,,,,,

California Drought Update New Tools

SSV (Sustainable Silicon Valley) has been working in partnership with Tibco Spotfire and Engage PR to configure a set of dashboards to display and monitor the state of the California drought (1). This article will highlight some map dashboards and driving factors behind the graphs

Good News from the Labs at Stanford

Stanford just held their annual GCEP (Global Climate and Energy Project) Symposium October 13 and 14, 2015.   Some of the latest science and engineering in the field of clean energy was on display.

Al Gore: "We Must We Can We Will Stop Climate Change"

Al Gore delivered a rousing speech at Stanford October 2 as part of the Know Tomorrow (1) celebration for stopping  Climate Change.  A large part of the Student Body turned out for this event  He divided the climate change challenge into 3 separate questions.