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Water Saving Surprise

Pleasanton has been one of the most successful cities in the state to cut water consumption. Comparing July 2015 to July 2013, water use dropped by almost 50%. It took a bit of effort to do this, including both a $50 fine for on excess water use and supplying non potable recycled water to citizens for uses like watering lawns.

Thoughts on the SSV Water Symposium

Two hundred people attended the Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) Water Symposium on September 16 at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).  This meeting was in direct support of the SSV Net Positive initiative on water to source all water locally within the Bay Area by 2050.

Choosing the Right Light Bulbs Revisited

  This article is designed to address more of the question on which bulb someone should buy.

Self Driving Car Comes to Santa Clara University

The college campus across the street from Sustainable Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University or SCU, will feature a new self driving car.

Hawaii out in Front All Renewable Energy by 2045

There are US goals and CA goals to cut GHG by 80% by 2050. The Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) Net Positive goal goes further for the Bay Area (all renewable energy by 2050). Now Hawaii has joined the race. Governor Ige has signed a bill go to all renewable power by 2045 and NOT to use LNG as a transition fuel.

Wastewater Recycling Technology

How can the Bay Area reduce its water consumption by two-thirds? Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) will be hosting a Water Technology Symposium on September 16th, which will be covering the topic of onsite water recycling and how we can use this technology to reach a 66% reduction in water use in the Bay Area. The technologies employed by Read More

Wastewater Recycling Technology: Part 2

Greywater can comprise up to 50% of a buildings wastewater discharge. Thus, recycling greywater alone can cut water demand by up to half. There are many different forms of wastewater, but blackwater and greywater are the most abundant (“What is Greywater”). Completing the Wastewater Recycling Technology blog series are two more wastewater Read More

Opening Floodgates to Build More Dams?

With the water crises still upon us, water projects that were put on hold previously come back again. There are legitimate concerns about having enough water and to refill the aquifers that have been seriously drained during this water crises.

State Water Conservation Success Update July 2015

On Thursday August 27, the waterboards released Good News on Water Conservation for the Sate of California for July 2015. The overall savings, as compared to July 2013 by the state was 31.3%, well over the 25%mandate set for the state.

Move to 50% of Electricity Generated Renewably Six Years Early The Union of Concerned Scientists sa

California is targeting through SB 350 (Senate Bill 350) to be at 50% renewable generation of electricity by 2030. The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a paper showing how California could achieve this goal by 2024.  Note the same authors issued a paper last year saying the goal could be made by 2030.