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SSV Announces its First PV Installation Within Net Positive Project in East Palo Alto

On August 15th, SSV celebrated its first solar panel installation through the Net Positive East Palo Alto program. Through Net Positive East Palo Alto, SSV works with Bay Area solar providers to connect low-income residents with free or nearly free solar panels to lower residents’ electricity bills and promote solar energy in the Read More

Muslims speak out against climate change.

It is good to see communities of faith get together on the issue of climate change. It can mobilize large numbers of people and make addressing climate change a moral issue. The pope's encyclical on climate change has fostered discussions on this where people may not have considered this before.

US EPA Regulations and Methane

The effects on global warming from all three are serious. Of the three, the one found in the highest concentration in the US is Methane, especially with fracking for both oil and gas. Note that when one fracks for oil, methane can be released.

Learn from real Case Studies from water operators and regulators

You have the unique opportunity to listen to experienced water operators and regulators discuss the challenges and successes they have had in implementing on-site water recycling and reuse programs to conserve and reuse water from various sources, including the ground, black and grey water and rain.  At 1:30 pm at the Water Technology Read More

Zero Cost Solar Electric Systems for Income Qualified Homeowners

 Grid Alternatives has been working since 2004 to provide zero (or close to zero cost) solar electric systems for income qualified homeowners. As a nonprofit, they have found ways to significantly reduce the cost of solar for underserved communities.

An Integrated Approach to Water System Design

One of the topics covered will be integrated water system design. Any water system requires matching input and output flows to design parameters.

The Clean Power Plan CPP the Clinton Plan and coal comments

On July 31, LOE (Living on Earth) released an interview discussing Hillary Clinton’s plan (1) for addressing the environment. This plan is a complement to the CPP (Clean Power Plan, (2) from President Obama that was announced 2 years ago and updated for release on August 3rd.

Making Progress in On Site Water Recycling

To address this need, the first water project for the Net Positive initiative is to enable On Site Water Recycling for Non Potable use in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. This is a list of highlights from the latest get together to move that agenda forward.

Coal Dethroned, Now What?

A more telling sign on the financial health of coal companies is their stock price. (2). Arch Coal and Peabody Coal are the two leading coal producers and their stock prices do not look good .

The Latest Economic News on Sustainability from the Author of a Landmark publication

The Stern Review  was issued in 2006 and detailed t an economic case that solving the problems of sustainability at that time would be less expensive than waiting and spending the money later. This was a new way to look at things.