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How Energy Storage is Part of the New Energy Mix

InterSolar is the most attended solar exhibition in the US with 27,000+ attendees. Energy storage was an important part of the conference this year with over 60 exhibitors and an entire track on Monday (4 sessions) devoted to Energy Storage. 

Advance Notice on upcoming EV Electric Vehicle Event September 19, at De Anza College

If you are on the fence about buying an electric vehicle and have questions, you may want to mark your calendar for September 19. The Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley (EAASV) will be participating in the Electric Car Rally at De Anza College.

You Can Choose More Renewably Generated Electricity and Pay Less

Community Choice Aggregation or Community Choice Energy are agreements that cities make to source energy with the pricing and renewable energy content that is improved over what is available from our major utilities like PGE.

Sacramento Summit of Water Experts Start Plans to Ensure California’s Water Supply

This water summit in Sacramento was held at the request of the Governor to determine the current state of California water and what the next steps should be to move that state forward (1). The issues raised and solutions suggested were highly relevant to the state and the Bay Area.

A Data Driven Approach to Reducing Home Water Consumption

Governor Brown has called for 25% reductions in water usage, and Santa Clara County has called for a 30% reduction from 2013 usage.  San Jose Water has announced "fines" for excessive water consumption. The article at the below link describes an approach I took to pareto the primary uses of water in our home, so we could be effective in Read More

Meet up on Global Warming Measurements by SCS

Our current path of focusing on C02 to address GHG and climate change denies us the opportunity to fix the problem with current plans. We are also missing the opportunity to address other health problems that shorten the lives of millions of people per year.

All Eyes on California

California's economy is thriving within a progressive climate policy framework - and the world is watching. This post covers Silicon Valley Leadership Group's recent Energy and Sustainability Summit.

Closing Keynote SVES The Navy and Energy Policy

The two speakers were William Perry (ex secretary of defense) and Dennis McGinn (assistant secretary of the Navy). The Navy needs new cost effective technology and does not know what they should specifically be asking for. Some takeaways

SVES Conference Analytics Discussion Group

The leaders of the group (moderator Dian Grueneich, Stanford Research Scholar, Michael Steifman (CEO of Utilisave) and Kurt Yeager (Vice Chair of the Galvin Institute) all indicated the value of analytics for various purposes.

SVES Conference, Investing in Startups

Due to the high cost of energy in Hawaii (and other islands), islands are  places where renewable energy developments will make financial sense in the early stages of development.