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SVES Conferences on the Future of Internal Combustion

This was an Oxford style debate, a technique used on the NPR show “Intelligence Squared”.  In some of  the debates like this one,  the question may be framed in such a way it yields stilted conversation. Despite this, there were good points raised.

SVES Conference, V to G Vehicle to Grid

Electric vehicles require large capacity batteries to ensure they have the range we all want. As we have more electric vehicles, they are a potential source of energy storage for the grid.

Opening Keynote SVES Summit

SVES (Silicon Valley Energy Summit) Keynote Speech held at Stanford University on June 25 2015.

Conference on Sea Level Rise at NASA Ames on Friday June 19.

Climate change has many consequences. One of those is Sea Level rise, which is linked to a cycle of  increased C02, melting more ice (Greenland and Antarctica being the two major sources) and rising water. . Given the closeness of the Bay to high density populations,, sea level rise will have a profound effect on land here.

Dateline June 18 2015 Pope Issues Encyclical on Climate Change

We have not often had the good fortune of the head of the Catholic  Church speaking out against climate change with a forceful voice. However, last fall, Pope Francis announced that he would be issuing an encyclical on climate change this year.

Onsite Water Recycling Meeting Key Points

Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) has led a series of meetings to work through how to advance onsite water recycling. The latest meeting, held on June 12, 2015 in Mountain View brought together leaders from governments of the city, county and state as well as from industr

Dateline June 12, 2015, World Climate Goals from the G7

The G7 group of countries issued a statement to phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century (2100). (1) This will help drive a strong leadership position at the IPCC meeting in Paris at the end of this year.

Newsflash 3: June 8, 2015 G7 meeting includes sustainability

In a communiqué issued after their two-day summit in Bavaria, the G7 leaders said they backed reducing global greenhouse gas emissions at the upper end of a range of 40 to 70 percent by 2050, using 2010 as a basis.

News Flash 2: June 8th is World Oceans Day

Part of that discussion on World Oceans Day will focus on the Monterrey Bay Area, one of the richest marine environments and in need of protection

News Flash 1: SF Building Codes Upgraded for On-Site Water Recycling

Today on KQED, there was an announcement of a new San Francisco regulation that any building over 250,000 square feet requires gray water recycling