Water Symposium and a Plug for Our Monthly Water Committee Meetings

Sustainable Silicon Valley’s second Water Symposium will be held this May and will be a great opportunity to network, discuss, and learn about water reuse technology for the Bay Area.

Our first Water Symposium in 2015 at Xerox PARC was successful with over 150 technology experts, water providers, and leaders from the government and private sectors coming together to discuss water reuse, recycling, and distributed treatment.

Panel on Case Studies of System Operators at the Water Technology Symposium on September 16, 2015

This year’s Water Symposium will include topics such as retrofitting existing buildings, stormwater reuse, real-time monitoring and sensors, district-scale projects, and successful cities that have implemented onsite reuse programs. Join our Water Committee meeting on March 3 (more info below) to share your thoughts on which topics are most timely and relevant.   

If you want to participate in the Water Symposium as a presenter, panel member or exhibitor, please email SSV’s Chief Developmental Officer Cynthia Clark at cclark@sustainablesv.org.

The SSV water team is also launching a monthly Water Committee meeting for members and prospective members to share recent developments in water innovation and policy, and be involved in our local and state efforts to promote water reuse. The first meeting will be on March 3 at 12:00pm at SSV’s office in Santa Clara, with a conference line for call-in. Contact Zach Miller at zmiller@sustainablesv.org if you’re interested in participating.

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