SSV Water Team: What We're Up To

The Water Team is working on several exciting projects.

As part of the Intelligent Water REuse Initiative, we’re working on education, projects and policy. We’re organizing a Water Symposium in May and launching a monthly Water Committee meeting for members. We’re developing water curriculum for students and working with members on workforce development and internship opportunities.  We’re promoting local demonstration projects and assisting a tech member in permitting a large state-of-the-art water reuse system. We’re also involved in policy at the regional and state level.  We’re gathering support for an onsite reuse ordinance in Silicon Valley, including meeting with elected representatives in Santa Clara County, and tracking legislation in Sacramento to provide input and suggestions from our members. We are participants in Santa Clara County’s Water Efficiency New Development Task Force, presenters at California Water Environment Federation’s Annual Conference, and committee members at the 2016 Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards.  

We can’t do this without the support of our members and volunteers. Please contact the SSV Water Team to get involved.

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