From Behavior Change to Transforming Everyday Practices: The Latest in Behavioral Science

By Ruth Doyle, Dec 4th, 2013

Source: Sustainable Brands (Original Article)


From Unilever’s ‘five levers for change’ to Volkswagen’s ‘fun theory’ and Nike’s Fuelband, behavior change has become a key concern for businesses re-orienting their goals around the promotion of sustainable lives. This represents an opportune moment for drawing on the latest thinking from behavioral sciences.

This article and video below provide some key lessons from the Irish, EPA-funded Consensus research project on the growing field of practice-oriented behavior change. Its implications are particularly relevant for those looking to influence everyday water, energy and food consumption habits.

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Main points are: 
1) Move beyond a focus on individual attitudes
2) Take everyday practices as units of research and innovation
3) Target the four dimensions of everyday practices
4) Script sustainable social norms through hardware, rules & educational interventions

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