3 Factors Driving the Marriage of Solar and Energy Storage

By Martin LaMonica, GreenTechGrid, Oct 25

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Although it makes little sense to add pricey batteries to expensive solar power systems seems, a solar-powered microgrid demonstrates the potential of coupling big batteries with commercial solar. Last week, the state of Maryland revealed its first solar-powered microgrid. The installed battery equipment is expected to keep a steady balance between supply and demand, which generates a revenue stream. Here are some factors why the combination of solar and storage can possible become a desirable solution for both customers and installers. 

Factor 1: Technology

Technology is readily available due to invesments in auto and battery industries. Advances in inverter technology are also a significant development.

Factor 2: Financing 

Economics can make sense, given government funds and sustainability-oriented funds. 

Factor 3: Solar Installers

Solar installers want storage for technical reasons.

Of course, there are challenges. Still the combination is in an initial stage and the contract is complex.