February Green Guru Spotlight: Collaborative Sustainability

UBB Phili Clean Up
UBB volunteers clean up Philadelphia waterways.

Collaborative Sustainability: For every product sold, United by Blue (UBB, a sustainable apparel and accessory company) removes one pound of ocean trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups. Until February of 2012, they would send the trash collected at these cleanups to landfills or recycling centers.Then they found out that Method (makers of “planet friendly” cleaning products) was looking to use recovered ocean plastic in bottles for their cleaning products but sourcing sufficient quantities was not easy. And so began a beautiful relationship!

UBB now sends ocean plastic collected at its clean-ups to Envision Plastics (the plastic recycling company that processes the material on behalf of Method) for Method’s “Ocean Plastic Bottle”.  UBB sends plastic #2, 4 and 5 to Envision/Method and hopes to work with other companies who can use the other types of plastic that gets collected at these cleanups. 

“Not only does the UBB business model enable us to be the catalyst for real conservation efforts, it also allows us to develop a fun, engaging, and community-focused brand.  Our cleanups are the bedrock of our company, and allow us to engage with thousands of volunteers and inspire participation in the blue movement.” 

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Green Guru: Suparna Vashisht, February 2013


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