Climate Change

Fifth IPCC Report on Climate Change

“The only road that leads to both a reduction in carbon emissions and economic growth is one built on a clean industrial revolution. This means investing and innovating now in large scale renewable deployment, energy efficiency, new finance mechanisms and low carbon business models. Most of the energy and technology solutions needed already exist, but need rapid scaling up today, not tomorrow. For in the long term, prevention will be a lot cheaper than the cure.” - Forbes



Global Warming & Climate Change

Climate change is happening and the challenge is going to stay with us now and many years to come. It is a threat to development, societies and our livelihoods. It poses a high risk to businesses as it impacts production, supply, services, task force, and consumers. This is why it's urgent to no longer ignore climate change but address and embrace the new challenges' and opportunities.



Climate change - New Scientist

Here you will learn how we as a society struggle to make sense of what climate change is, to be more resilient. We have made progress with our technologies and policies to mitigate and adapt. It is vital to work and engage in partnerships to address climate change and share ideas and best lessons learnt to be more prepared for uncertainties and find best possible solutions to address the most threatening issue we face today.


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