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Zero Waste Strategic Planning

In the 1970s, Paul Palmer coined the term ‘zero waste, which focused on the reduction of the amount of chemicals produced and disposed of in the electronic industry (Palmer, 2005). Since the 1970s, the definition has gone through a number of iterations to include the aim to reduce or eliminate upstream and downstream waste generation through policy and behavioral change. The term is now used as a political term to discourage the practice of landfilling and incineration in waste management systems. Zero Waste Resolutions and Legislations are being implemented in and around Silicon Valley. Below are links to cities with zero waste legislation, commissions, or departments:


·       San Francisco:

·       San Jose:

·       Oakland:

·       Berkeley:

·       Palo Alto:

·       Mountain View:


Waste Reduction In Climate Action Planning

Climate Action Planning establishes strategies that mandate or encourage reduction and recycling measures as a means to reduce total emissions within the municipality. Below are a few good examples of waste reduction measures within Climate Action Plans:


There is a template for waste reduction as part of a Climate Action Plan developed by Alameda County’s

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On Feb 17, 2015 urisyrova said: Sunnyvale has a Zero Waste Strategic Plan:,RecyclingandWasteReduction/WasteReductionandReuseIssues/ZeroWaste.aspx