Bruce Naegel

Registered on:2013-08-22
Display Name:Bruce Naegel
Updated On:2015-11-02
Company/Organization Name:Sustainable Silcon Valley
Title:Sr. Adviser
Country:United States
Post/Zip Code:95050
Phone:650 996 5793
Biography:Bruce Naegel has been in the high tech industry for over 30 years. He started in the biotech industry (flow cytometry and enzyme immunoassay), He then moved to the computer industry where his expertise in mass storage,related software and systems led to publications and presentations at industry conferences. During that time he worked with a small team within Symantec to build an ROI process to show how the proper configuration of software can create significant savings in computer equipment power consumption. More recently, his work as a program manager at Symantec helped drive an backup appliance from a small tiger team to being second in the industry. Previously he was the Director of Business Development at SSV Sustainable Silicon Valley and is part of the SSV consulting team. While at SSV, he successfully completed the associate exam in Performance Excellence in Energy Renewal. This is a program similar in concept to LEED that measures the effectiveness of a Power Grid or Micro-Grid Currently he is Sr. Program Manager at Gridscape solution.